Making the Future brighter

Partnering to amplify impact


At the beginning of every consulting & advisory project, it is essential to set the focus of the collaboration: should it be short- or long-term? Should it be about innovation or optimization? In any case, we are
dedicated to helping you to reach your objectives - by adding both our know-how and, if desired, our operational skills.

Strategic Pathfinders

Reaching these goals does not always mean selecting the most direct way to get there. Our experience tells us that it sometimes takes a while to prepare a decisive step - especially if long-lasting and sustainable success is what we are striving for. So it is not always about speed, but all the time about the right direction.

Flexible Teams

Our consulting work spans different industries but often tries to deliver the best results in bringing the best of two worlds together and combining technologies most efficiently. That requires different types of expertise - and a bit of experience. And it is the main reason we prefer to work in flexible team structures. Consequently, we are available and can offer you the best team for the job - for short periods or longer.

Partners in Time

We are pleased to have established long-lasting partnerships with leading domain experts internationally. We have collaborated with some of our consulting partners, such as PayMedia, Cooperativa & coeno, for more than twenty years. And several of our past clients have become partners after leaving their respective corporate jobs - not a bad sign if you ask us.

PayMedia Consulting Group

PayTV & Video Services Experts

Working with operators on product, marketing & pricing strategies

ExtendPartner Solutions GmbH

Digital Business Transformers

Partners for changing right now - for a better future tomorrow

Waypoint North GmbH

Investing & Advisory Boutique

Seed Investments & Growth Consulting: Tech, Web3, Media & Health

coeno GmbH

Usability & Design Architects

Turning ideas and concepts into value-adding digital projects

Mutual Benefits

Mentoring for  Regenerative Businesses

Enabling companies in the regenerative economy to unleash their full potential

Cooperativa Venture Office GmbH

Proptech Investors &    Fund Managers

Private VC family office of several German serial entrepreneurs

CTOi Consulting

Consulting & Communication Services

Accompanying technology innovation in the media and blockchain industries

TakTik OÜ

Industrial Web3 & Automotive Experts

Industrial mobility & machine web3 data solutions, safety & security-oriented