• ...nor was the Dome...
  • ...in Cologne.
  • But to stay ambitious & keep the direction is key
  • Rome wasn't built in a day...

Giving Change a Direction


Blockchain & Web3

Since 2017, the blockchain & web3 space has been a core focus for us. We have helped start-ups to become scale-ups and have been helping with positioning them in the industry as well as to define use cases & business models, establish long-lasting partnerships and support during funding rounds.                                                  Additionally, we are engaged in agenda-setting & policy efforts to drive this industry.

PayTV & Streaming Media

Helping media businesses with their video services and the related innovation scouting, product development & marketing has been at the core of our work since 2002.                                                     Market entry strategies, pricing and packaging as well as vendor selection for PayTV platforms and video service providers and content owners or leading tech firms.

Impact Tech & Sustainability

Over the past decade, we have helped to set up a greentech fund, supported start-ups in this space to get to MVP / product launch and have assisted in the re-definition of industrial processes. All based on our insights into tomorrow's techno-logical building blocks and by assessing the needs for truly circular economies and sustainable business design. Being part of the movement towards an ESG-compliant perspective for our societies, we aim to accelerate this transition together with partners and clients at all levels.