PayTV & Media Strategy Consulting


Since 2002, we have been actively monitoring the forefront of technology and content format evolution in the payTV industry.
Over time, this has included aspects such as:
  • PayTV service innovation & bundling strategies, 
  • (Smart) TV apps, streaming services & content discovery
  • Innovation roadmap consulting & ecosytem build-up 
  • Content protection,  content licensing &  channel / content distribution
  • Product development,  vendor selection & RfP management
  • Marketing analysis, customer lifecycle management & pricing strategies
  • UI optimization,  international service benchmarking &  on-demand content presentation
  • Market forecasts, market entry consulting &  interim management
  • Business planning & funding round preparation

Of course, this is a non-exhaustive list - and as a result, we have always been eager to consider the big picture and to pay attention to any relevant aspect of this ever-changing and challenging market. The evolution of media is something we care about, and we believe both in the function of private and public media services and their educational and entertainment aspects.

Core areas of our work can be summarized under the following consulting formats and topics:

Subscription Services:
In combination and led by our partner company PayMedia, we have collected examples for PayTV, Broadband, and Streaming service marketing campaigns for over two decades. We provide ongoing access to this continuously growing marketing references database for our customers - and combine this with several consulting days per month. Thus, your management and operational teams can call us whenever they need an explanation, historical evidence, or international comparison to support their internal discussion or presentation needs.

Bespoke Consulting:
There are many good reasons to look at things at a level of detail that might not be available in your teams. But apart from getting the facts right, it is the benefit of years of experience and international activities to convey a sense of what drives the market forward. And where the players will move or might require new tools and services to reach the next level. To be up to date and to educate teams of decision-makers and operational managers is what we love to do - mixing a solid 360° overview with a blend of up-and-coming technology components that will help you to derive a business strategy or a market assessment that is worth the effort. Since losing money is easy, but having all the right reasons to go bold is all that you want to have. So starting with strategy workshops  all down the way to very detailed analytical reports, we can assist you with your strategic needs.

Interim Management: 

Operationalizing a new strategic goal or entering a new market is always a critical endeavor - so in selected cases, you might find the right partner in us to get the ball rolling for you. Setting up teams and recruiting new employees, establishing partner ecosystems and winning first clients - we have done that successfully & do believe in the importance of the first mile.