We have seen things & done stuff.

At [tbb\*] thebrainbehind, we're happy to share a wealth of experience gathered since founding our company more than 20 years ago. So you will be able to benefit both from our network and know-how as well as from our learnings about mistakes that we have witnessed being made in the past.


Why working with thebrainbehind's consulting network

Our international partners are covering most major markets
Customers & references on all six continents
Abundant consulting & management experience in different industries  

Management & Consulting Partner

Sebastian Becker

Managing Director and Owner

Justin Hewelt

Partner, Managing Director at PayMedia

Stefan Langefeld

Partner, Founder at WayPoint North

Nick Riegger

Partner, Co-Founder at ExtendPartner

Ben Schwarz

Partner, Founder at CTOiC

Yann Mauchamp

Partner, Founder at Mutual Benefits

Selected References


Recent Publications

On Tokenization

Der Bank Blog: "Tokenisierung und Nachhaltigkeit: Ein Wechsel auf die Zukunft" (in German)

On Mobility

Study on  "The Automotive Sector and Blockchain - is Trust what we need to enable the next Generation of Mobility Services?

On Blockchain & IoT

Study on "IoT powered by Blockchain: How Blockchains facilitate the applications of Digital Twins in IoT" .

On the Future

Book Chapter: "Everything a Marketplace: Wie die Blockchain neue Geschäftmodelle eröffnet" in: Die Zukunft ist dezentral" (in German)